Basic Information about Xopenex

Xopenex inhaler

Xopenex (generic name levalbuterol) asthma inhaler was specifically designed to relieve and prevent airway spasms (otherwise called bronchospasms) and asthma attacks for people with asthma or COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Because the action of Xopenex is short-term, it is mostly used as a "reliever" of asthma attacks and bronchospasm in particular, but it will still have cumulative long-lasting positive effects when used that way. Off-label uses of Xopenex inhaler include the treatment of breathing problems associated with bacterial or viral lung and respiratory tract infections, such as pneumonia.

Xopenex contains levalbuterol, a beta-adrenergic receptor agonist. When used via an inhaler, these medications cause the soft muscles around the airways to immediately relax, stopping the bronchospasm and helping return the breathing to normal. The bronchospasm itself happens when the person inhales a particular irritant (cold air, smoke, dust) which the patient is especially sensitive to. This extreme sensitivity to otherwise harmless substances is one of the several symptoms of asthma and COPD, causing the airways to swell and airway muscles to contract, making breathing difficult. The severity of this reaction ranges from minor inconvenience to complete inability to breath, making this condition to be potentially life-threatening. If you were diagnosed with asthma or COPD, it is very important to always carry a portable "reliever" type inhaler to be able to quickly suppress the symptoms of a bronchospasm should they arise.

Xopenex Dosage and Application Recommendations

As with any medication, Xopenex will only be effective if used appropriately, following the designated dosage amount and using the inhaler at the right time. Should you choose to buy Xopenex online, you can find all the important information regarding its use on the information leaflet included within the package.

Listed below are some of the basic instructions that may prove useful during the treatment with Xopenex:

  • The recommended dosage of Xopenex varies depending on the condition being treated and its severity, being further adjusted based on your personal medical condition and any other asthma medications you may be taking. Depending on your condition, you may need to use Xopenex regularly or only when the need arises.
  • When used to relieve a bronchospasm, the common dose is 2 sprays taken "as needed", not more frequent than every 4 hours. Your doctor may give you a specific daily or per-4-hour maximum. If you find that you have to use Xopenex more frequently to suppress your symptoms, contact your healthcare provider and ask for instructions. You may need a dosage adjustment or a different medication.
  • If you are using an MDI (metered dose asthma inhaler) for the first time, you may refer to our Inhaler Technique page for more information on how to properly use it.
  • The medication contained within Xopenex should be inhaled directly into the lungs, not sprayed on the back of the mouth and throat.

Xopenex Warnings and Precautions

Do not use Xopenex if you are allergic to levalbuterol or to any other ingredient within the drug. You may inquire of the full list of ingredients from the pharmacist present at the store where you buy Xopenex online. In most cases your doctor will help you determine if using Xopenex carries any risk of causing an allergic reaction.

As is the case with any asthma medication, you will need to perform a series of medical examinations before you may know for sure if you can safely use Xopenex, especially if you have any of the following:

  • Heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmia;
  • Seizure disorder such as epilepsy;
  • Hyperthyroidism;
  • Diabetes.

Where to Buy Xopenex

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