Symbicort Information for Patients

Symbicort inhaler

Symbicort is a combination asthma medication combining budesonide, a steroidal anti-inflammatory agent, and formoterol, a bronchodilator. Symbicort belongs to the class of "controller" medications for asthma, delivering long-lasting positive effects over extended periods of time; it will not be very effective in relieving an imminent asthma attack. To allow a more convenient application, Symbicort comes in the form of metered dose asthma inhaler (MDI). This medication may be used by adults and children at least 12 years of age.

The active ingredients in Symbicort help reduce the symptoms of asthma in two important ways. First is delivered by budesonide - an inhaled corticosteroid. This substance directly affects the lungs when inhaled, reducing inflammation and swelling of tissues caused by asthma. This effect accumulates over time, and may help to temporarily return the patient's lungs to their normal healthy condition. The other important component in Symbicort is formoterol, a so called beta-adrenergic receptor agonist. This drug stimulates specific receptors in the muscles around airways, causing them to relax and allow easier air circulation in and out of the lungs.

Because these components provide distinct effects on two different systems of the organism, more patients get positive results from using Symbicort in comparison to other similar asthma inhalers. If you buy Symbicort online, you may see the difference in popularity by comparing the marks of user reviews of this drug and any similar one. Another important advantage of Symbicort is that the effective amount of each component is reduced, lowering the risk of developing side effects.

Basic Instructions on How to Use Symbicort

In order to properly use Symbicort you will need to follow several simple recommendations regarding the standard dosage amounts and application details. If you require additional information, please refer to the instructions leaflet included within the product package, or contact your doctor or pharmacist for any details regarding the treatment.

  • The standard Symbicort dosage is two inhalations a day, spaced at least 10 hours apart.
  • If you are using an MDI (metered dose asthma inhaler) for the first time, you should accustom yourself with the proper technique of using it. You may refer to our Inhaler Technique page for more information.
  • Remember to prime the inhaler before the first use. To do that, shake the inhaler and spray the contents into the air twice, away from you.
  • Symbicort is designed to act when inhaled directly into the lungs (not on the back of the throat), meaning you need to take a deep, full breath when using it.
  • Every Symbicort asthma inhaler has 120 metered doses. Remember to promptly replace your inhaler when the doses are about to run out. If you buy Symbicort online, keep in mind that depending on the delivery method the package may take up to 10 days to reach you.

Symbicort Important Safety Information

Before using Symbicort inhaler, make sure your medical condition meets the safety requirements issued by Symbicort. It is not recommended to use Symbicort if you are allergic to budesonide, formoterol, or any other component within the drug. To get a detailed list of ingredients of this medication, you may inquire of the pharmacist present at the store when you buy Symbicort online.

Additionally, take caution when using Symbicort if you have any of the conditions mentioned below:

  • Heart disease, arrhythmia, high blood pressure;
  • An ongoing respiratory tract infection, such as bronchitis;
  • Seizure disorder, such as epilepsy;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Diabetes.

Where to Buy Symbicort

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