Treating Asthma with Ventolin Inhaler

Ventolin inhaler

Ventolin is one of the most popular HFA inhalers used to treat and prevent the symptoms of asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

This inhaler can be used to quickly suppress the symptoms of asthma, all while being convenient and easy to use. However, you will most likely need to use another asthma medication to help reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms if your condition has progressed into more alarming stages. This inhaler is available without a prescription, and you can order Ventolin online.

Key Features of Ventolin Inhaler

Ventolin has several unique traits which make it especially handy and effective when performing any type of asthma therapy.

If you buy Ventolin no prescription online, you can be sure that the following aspects of this inhaler will be available to you:

  • Fast acting - Ventolin is capable of quickly suppressing the symptoms of asthma, resuming normal breathing capability within minutes after its use. Most of the time, the initial effects are felt instantly upon using this inhaler, and the full spectrum of benefits is attained within 15 minutes, diminishing in about 3-4 hours.
  • Portable - a Ventolin inhaler will easily fit into a bag, purse, or backpack, and is made out of lightweight materials as to not encumber you in any way. Several companies also make specific bags and cases that will help to keep your inhaler clean and intact, while adding some style to this otherwise inconspicuous device.
  • Convenient and easy to use - Since "rescue" type inhalers need to be easily accessible, Ventolin is specifically designed to be ready to use whenever needed, being able to help even in the most critical situation. Using this inhaler takes only seconds, enabling the patient to be able to react to an imminent asthma attack in time to stop the symptoms from progressing.
  • MDI construction - Ventolin is manufactured as a metered dose asthma inhaler, making it much easier to spray the required amount of medication upon each use, and allowing you to track the remaining number of doses via a built-in counter.
  • Can be used to prevent exercise induced asthma attacks - while its potential as a controller medication is limited, Ventolin can be used to significantly reduce the risk of producing asthma-related symptoms during exercise or physical activity.
  • May not be suited to control asthma long-term - as was mentioned earlier, Ventolin is designed to relieve any acute symptoms over short periods of time (up to 4 hours), not prevent these symptoms from occurring in the future. This medication only works for limited periods of time, and the cumulative therapeutic effects it has on the organism are very limited.

Mode of Action for Ventolin

Ventolin is a bronchodilator. Medications of this type work my relaxing the smooth muscles that surround the airways, causing the airways themselves to widen and allow air to freely circulate through the lungs, resuming normal breathing capacity. The active ingredient used in this drug is albuterol, one of the most common and trusted medical compounds that are used to treat asthma and its symptoms.

Albuterol belongs to the class of drugs called beta-adrenergic receptor agonists, commonly referred to simply as beta agonists. They act by binding onto specific receptors found within the muscle tissue that surrounds the airways, forcing the muscles to relax. This effect makes them especially effective against bronchospasms. However, this mechanism of action may make Ventolin ineffective against certain other types of complications, such as severe tissue inflammation or excess of mucus.

If you want to buy Ventolin no prescription online, you will still need to see you healthcare provider to make sure your condition can be controlled using this medication.

How to Properly Use Your Ventolin Inhaler

Before you start using your inhaler, make sure you thoroughly read the instructions manual included within the product package, regardless of whether you buy Ventolin inhaler online or purchase it locally, even if you had already used this medication in the past. Provided below are some of the most important bits of information regarding the application of Ventolin.

Ventolin Dosage

The indicated dosage regimen for this medication consists of two recommendations:

  • The standard Ventolin dosage for treating and preventing asthma is two sprays taken when needed, as frequently as every 4-6 hours. Some people may benefit more from using Ventolin directly at the start of an asthma attack, while others may need to use it regularly to counteract an apparent attack.
  • In order to prevent an asthma attack during physical exercise the dose is two sprays should be taken 15 minutes before starting the workout.
  • In order to prevent an asthma attack during physical exercise the dose is two sprays should be taken 15 minutes before starting the workout.

If you find that you need to use Ventolin more frequently than indicated, you may need to contact your healthcare provider and ask for further instructions. You may need a different medication.

Ventolin Usage Recommendations

You will need to follow the guidelines provided below if you wish to maximize the benefits of your treatment with Ventolin:

  • The substance within Ventolin should be sprayed directly into your lungs, not on the back of your mouth or throat. To do this, you will need to take a calm, deep breath while pressing down on the canister, providing support to the handle part of the mouthpiece form below.
  • If you have trouble timing your breath to properly use the inhaler, you may need to use a device known as a spacer. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the details of using a spacer with your inhaler.
  • Shake the inhaler gently before each use.
  • It is recommended to wait at least one minute before each inhalation, in case you need to do several in a row.

Priming and Storing the Inhaler

Before you start using your Ventolin inhaler, you will need to prepare the inhaler first (this process is otherwise referred to as "arming" or "priming" the inhaler). To do this, take the newly purchased inhaler out of the package and assemble it by putting the mouthpiece and the canister together. If you buy Ventolin inhaler online, check if any residue plastic defects are present, as they may prevent the parts from aligning together. Once the assembly is complete, test spray the inhaler by releasing several sprays into the air away from you, until the inhaler sprays a steady stream of mist, without any fizzling out air. You will need to repeat this process of priming if you haven’t used your inhaler for two weeks.

The inhaler itself should be stored in a disassembled condition, if possible. If the mouthpiece of the inhaler becomes dirty, you can wash it in warm water, removing the pressured canister first. Never wash the canister itself or submerge it in water.

When to Replace Your Ventolin Inhaler

Every canister of Ventolin contains enough medication for 200 sprays. You can check on the number of remaining available sprays by looking at the built-in counter. Once the number of doses reaches a critical level, the letters on the counter will turn red, signaling that the time has come to get a replacement. Do not use an inhaler that has 0 doses remaining, even if it seems like some medication still remains.

People who order Ventolin online should be aware that the delivery from the store may in some cases take more time than originally anticipated. If you choose to purchase your inhaler online, do so well before you will need to replace your current inhaler to ensure that you will not run out of medication when you need it most.