Asthma Inhaler FAQ

Are there any Side Effects from Using Asthma inhalers?

Because asthma inhalers deliver a much lower dose of medication then oral drugs or injections, the side effects are substantially reduced. However, the aerosol spraying (or inhalation of powder) of the medication may cause several unpleasant reactions by itself. Depending on the drug being used, there is still certain risk of developing an adverse side effect from the use of asthma inhalers; refer to the appropriate brand's instructions for more information.

Where Can I Find an Asthma Inhaler Carrying Case?

Most asthma inhaler brands will recommend their custom-made cases, bags or pouches to carry their devices. Several companies make artistic design bags for the most common types of inhaler devices. If you will be using a particular brand of inhalers for a long period of time, it may be a good idea to consider getting an appropriate carrying case to minimize the potential damage to the device.

Do Asthma Inhalers Require any Maintenance?

Most of them do, yes. Metered dose inhalers (MDIs) should be cleaned at least once a week to avoid potential damage to the spraying mechanism. The cleaning process involves rinsing the plastic mouthpiece with warm water, making sure the lip holder and canister slot are thoroughly washed. The medication canister itself should not be washed or submerged in water.

Dry powder inhalers must not be washed since it will cause the medication inside to become clumped and render the device unusable.

Is there any Difference in Asthma Inhalers for Children?

Usually, children require a lower dosage of medication then adults, meaning you will only need to pick an asthma inhaler of the appropriate drug content. Some children may find it difficult to use MDIs, since they require precise alignment of breath in order to be effective. In this case, your doctor may suggest using a breath actuated asthma inhaler, a spacer, or other inhaler devices that do not require complex actions.

What is an Asthma Inhaler Spacer?

A spacer is tube-like extension device for pressurized MDIs, intended to make them more efficient and easy to use. It is sometimes called an asthma inhaler extension tube, or an asthma inhaler chamber. More information can be found on our Spacer page.

Where to Buy Asthma Inhalers?

Usually, your doctor should prescribe an asthma inhaler brand that will help relieve your current symptoms, since picking one yourself might be a bit complicated. With a prescription on hand, you can buy asthma inhaler from almost any local pharmacy or medical store. Depending on the type of asthma inhaler, you might only need 1 inhaler device and several spare medicine canisters. If you do not wish to be troubled with getting a prescription, you can buy asthma inhalers online from several online stores. This option is quite convenient, provided that you know exactly which brand of inhaler device you need.

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