Asthma Inhaler Brands and Types

There are over 15 leading asthma inhaler brands on the market. In order to better understand which one to choose, let us first explain what types of asthma inhalers exist. All asthma inhalers can be divided into 2 main groups based on function. These groups are called relievers and controllers (sometimes also called preventers). Relievers can help to quickly suppress a sudden asthma attack, allowing normal breathing and instant symptom relief, while controllers will improve the patient's general condition, reducing inflammation and helping avoid serious complications. Depending on your condition, you may be prescribed with either (or both) of these medication types. It is advised to consult your doctor first before you buy asthma inhalers online, especially if it is not the brand you would normally use.

Asthma Inhaler Brands

Some of the most popular reliever brands include Combivent and Ventolin. Advair Diskus and Atrovent inhaler are good examples of controller (preventer) asthma inhalers.

Additionally, asthma inhalers can be categorized based on the way the medication is delivered into the organism:

Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI) - the most common type of modern asthma inhaler devices. They deliver the medication using a pressurized solvent, allowing an almost instant relief of symptoms. These devices allow the patient to easily measure the right amount of medication to be inhaled, significantly simplifying its use. MDI can play both the reliever and controller role, depending on a particular brand.

(*) An alternative version of an MDI is also available on the market - breath actuated asthma inhalers. These devices were created for patients who find it difficult to align the timing of inhaling and releasing the medication. The actuation (spraying) for these inhalers happens automatically when the patient inhales. However, the downside is that the patient has to inhale with enough force to trigger the spraying mechanism, which can be difficult for someone having an asthma attack.

Dry Powder Asthma Inhalers (DPI) - These inhalers do not use air pressure to release the medication. Instead, a fine powdered medical substance is delivered directly into the lungs when the patients inhales, eliminating the requirement of aligning breathing with the release of medication. The construction and usage details for these devices vary a lot depending on the specific brand, but most of these devices play the role of an asthma controller.

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